Frequently Asked Questions

As well as offering the service and advice of a traditional agency, we also offer 24 hour accesibility from wherever you may be You will be able to know your book keeping and tax situation at all times enabling you to make decisions with the actualized information received. A personal advisor will be assigned to attend all your needs. His goal will be establish fluent dialogue between both of you. We consider our client’s business as if it were our own, sharing all your worries while, trying our utmost to make use of the technology available to us and, offer the best service at the lowest possible cost. We provide the additional advice and assessment to those that as expert knowledgable businessmen should know about their business?

We offer you two work modes:

Firstly, functioning as a traditional agency, collecting all documents on a monthly basis. These are returned once accounted for.

The second option would be to provide the client with a simple tool with which to enter all their data. No book keeping knowledge is required for this. All you require is an Internet connection.

This access will be available 365 days a year 24 hours a day, once all information has been processed Via either of these modes, the clients is able to have access to all his book keeping, tax and work information on the www.contabiliza.es web page.

No. All you need is an Internet connection, access via our web page or, the desk top facility that we will provide you with.

As a client you will have access codes to your accounts. Depending on your access levels you will be able to print or simply visualize statements, banking records or balances on screen.

Our book keeping process system depends on the frequency with which documents are sent. Whether it be by ordinary post or via computer file. Our commitment is to have all documentation processed in a maximum of 7 days once it has been received. For that reason and under normal circumstances no delay should exceed more than 15 days.
With this motive in mind a personal calendar that is adapted to every clients needs is set up, indicating document delivery times, as well as the time limits marked to tend to tax clearances or obligations of any other kind within legal terms or that requested by you.

Delinquent accounts often present the problem of having to conciliate certain collection operations and payment, that due to lack of annotations complicate the work. With the book keeping subsequently updated,a fiscal audit must be carried out in order to verify the presented tax settlements or in the case of them not having been presented, regularize this situation. Our book keeping staff are accustomed to updating accounts and we possess the best tools to carry out that task.. A book keeping delay of 2000 banking records during the tax year can be actualized within 15 days. In order to start this process the company will receive abiding precise instructions and be guided through any doubts they may have, lay down the sending of documentation system, the assignation of programme codes as well as the printing and consultation system.
Updating accounts is a great advantage for any company as well as ,”cleaning” of the accounts, balance settings, reorganization of expenditure items and revenue are carried out. Permitting the company to dispose of eminently practical update information.

With the information obtained from your book keeping we present your tax assessments electronically depending on those results.
If you are a natural person – juridical it is obligatory it be presented electronically. You will also be provided with account settlement in your documentary zone that can be taken to your Bank should you prefer to do so.

We carry out the book keeping and taxation of your company but not cash collection or payment management.

The questions formulated via electronic mail will be answered in the same method by our professional members of staff in a maximum period of 3 working days. They will be in possession of your question and answer in your client zone of our web enabling you to recoup that at any required moment.

We can in fact prepare and manage employees registration with the Social Security, payrolls, work contracts, redundancy settlements as well as other Social Security needs. Our worker tariff will allow you to know the cost of advice per worker.

We assure the confidentiality and security of your data via security certificates, the encryption of your data and the fulfillment of the LOPD.
If you work on an internet platform it is similar to the security that on line banking can offer you. On the other hand,the team of collaborators and professionals at Contabiliza.es are subjected to principles of confidentiality, experts in the importance and sensibility of the information we handle.