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CONTABILIZA.ES comes from the inquietude of a group of young professionals specialized on consulting who want to use the internet as an effective way to provide their services to prívate customers and their organizations to make them easy, and take part of, their growth and the attainment of their objectives. ¿How do we manage your trust?



Optimize the accounting, tax and labor tasks for freelance, professionals and business entities.



From our humility be your online consulting and your accounting, tax and labor solution for business people and companies.




  • Integrity and respect: we build our relationship with the client from a job well done and professional secret.
  • Teamwork: We involve with the client, the team is build for the client and we are as a whole, we are not separate parts.
  • Compromise and motivation: We are compromised and motivated to offer the best quality to our clients.
  • Formation and innovation: We continuously educate our personal to apply every legislative development.
  • Social responsibility in all of our acts.
ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 14001