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Companies accounting, taxes and labor in Palma de mallorca

We give you our professional advice on accounting, tax and labor. You will provide you the best information about your business evolution 24h per day. We guarantee permanent information and advice about tax, accounting or mercantile news as well as your activity sector news.

accounting companies
150 / month*
  • Accounting entries elaboration, in order to the documentation and receipts received.
  • Quarter and annual reports. Estimated yield before the end of the year.


* VAT not included

*150€/month for less than 1500 annual entries.

200€/month for an annual entries between 1500 and 5000

280€/month for annual entries between 5000 an 10000

Ask for an budget for more than 10.000 annual entries.
  • + 3€ Billing stats.
  • + 3€ Budgeting.
  • + 3€ Treasury forecast.
  • + 3€ Client and suppliers reports.
labor companies
90 / month*
  • VAT and IRPF withholding tax presentation (303, 390)
  • Client and suppliers with payments over 3005.06€ statement of operation (347).
  • Rental retention payments (115, 180)
  • IRPF professional retentions (110, 190)
  • Tax regulation, decisions and judgments interesting to our clients.

* VAT not included


labor companies

11 / month*

from 2nd employee
  • Labor and Social Security advice.
  • Labor inspections advice.
  • Formalization of paying slips.
  • Formalization of Social Security documents .
  • Formalization and register of employment contracts and basic copy.
  • Register of workers.
  • Package redundancy formalization or proposal.
  • Hire costs study.


* VAT not included

*11€ /month from 2nd employee.

*47€ / month for one unique employee.


ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 14001