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consulting Palma de Mallorca
  1. Tax, accounting and labor consultations resolution.
  2. Creation of companies services.
    • Society forms and constitution paperwork advice.
    • Constitution deed and society statutes preparation.
    • Paperwork with the public administration relative to the constitution of a new company.
  3. Financing research and valuation.
    • Company indebtedness reports.
    • Refinancing alternatives or new financing research for an optimal leverage.
  4. Investment analysis
    • Enterprises and business valuation.
    • Investment opportunities analysis.
    • Shares, companies or business trading advice.
    • Fiscal and legal trading advice.
  5. Public administration hiring
    • Licenses and authorizations obtain and renew.
    • Public hiring steps and formalities.
    • Grants and helps obtaining steps.
  6. Online paperwork
    • Property register notes.
    • Mercantile register notes.
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ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 14001