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How it Works?

In we are compromised with the environment and we strictly follow the rule of do not print if it is not necessary “SAVE PAPER – THINK BEFORE PRINTING”

Once completed the register as user and received your username and password the steps to follow are very simple:


Como funciona

Step 1: Turn your receipts into pdf file or scan it. You can do it with every other relevant documentation and accounting
or tax material. Is better use pdf format, but we can work with other ones like tiff, jpg, etc…


Step 2: Login your client account and upload your files to the server.  


Step 3: We will process and account the documents.


Step 4: We file, classify and order the documents for make you easier to find what you are looking for in a simple and fast way.


Step 5: ALL your documents AVIABLE for you when YOU WANT and where YOU WANT.


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ISO 14001